1) Buy bulk foods with reusable bags or containers.

Or buy in bulk and split with friends/family.

2) Use non-plastic, reusable, produce bags.

And skip the bag whenever you can. Refuse pre-bagged produce (onions, citrus, potatoes, etc…)

3) Buy produce not packed in cellophane, Styrofoam, or plastic containers.

4) Support your local food supply.

Doing the following:

  • Shop at farmers markets.
  • Buy local or US grown produce, when possible.
  • Avoid exotic, out-of-season, or tropical produce.
  • Try pick-your-own farms. Freeze the extra.

5) Avoid environmentally-demanding foods.

Such as:

  • Animal-based foods (inc. fish & honey)
  • Palm oil
  • Almonds

6) Place an emphasis on whole, plant-based foods rather than processed or packaged foods.

7) Try to grow your own herbs or start a garden.

Compost food and garden waste.