The Truth About…

Carbon Footprints: Food

Eat foods + ingredients with low carbon footprints. Eliminate foods + ingredients with high carbon footprints. Buy food that is seasonal, local, with minimal packaging and less goods that require refrigeration or freezing.

HEALabel – Carbon Footprints of Foods List

The Truth About: Bananas

Research began in the early 1900s to develop a disease-resistant banana, which led to the introduction of the Cavendish banana—the kind we find in the produce department of grocery stores today. Like many agricultural commodities, however, this seemingly wholesome food has a dark history.

Food Empowerment Project – Peeling Back the Truth on Bananas

The Truth About: Palm-Oil

Banned Iceland Orangutan Advert – Iceland’s Rain Forest Palm Oil Advert is Banned for Being Political

The Truth About: Flowers

Just like animal agriculture, the commercial flower industry is rife with production practices involving toxic chemicals, excessive consumption of natural resources, and unfair labor.

VegNews – How and Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Flowers