How will this action affect those around me?

Let’s consider the ways our everyday actions impact the lives of our fellow earthlings…

With Every Decision We Can Help One Another

PLANET-Based Living considers more than just the planet itself, it actively acknowledges its inhabitants. Although we might not think of it, our daily activities can have an immense effect on hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. From migrant workers and donkeys carrying cocoa for our chocolate bar to the trash crisis and ocean dead-zones created from industrial chemical use. By bringing these impacts to light we can create better ways of being in the world.


Creating a positive impact on our fellow humans is something most of us can achieve in our daily lives by doing simple things such as saying hello to a stranger and supporting a friend. Beyond those who we interact with directly, we can learn about and support the well-being of humans far and wide, such as those who struggle for peace, prosperity, or even survival.


Did you know that one of the largest sources of pollution and deforestation on earth is animal agriculture? By switching to plant-based foods we can have a very positive impact on the earth. Not only will we be saving the environment, we can literally save thousands of lives in the process.
PLANET-Based Living recognizes animals are our earthly siblings and deserve to be treated as such.

All Life on Earth

Our appreciation for life needn’t stop with eyes and a brain. Although there are considerable differences amongst the various forms of life on this planet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t respect them all. PLANET-Based Living seeks to understand and support all life in the most sustainable and appreciative way possible.

Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life.

Albert Schweitzer

There is Hope for Harmony

By caring for the life around us we actively create a better world.

Our very lives depend on the ethics of strangers, and most of us are always strangers to other people.

Bill Moyers