PLANET-Based Living

PLANET-Based Living includes actions that might not change the world, but are done because they are the most respectful thing to do. These actions include recycling, using cloth bags when shopping, composting, not using toxic chemicals, eating organically grown food and using recycled and non-disposable products.

PLANET-Based Living involves minimizing our impact on the earth by making conscientious choices when it comes to the products that we use and buy (or don’t buy). Realizing that the more good that we do helps to cancel out the negative effects that our modern way of living has on the planet and all her inhabitants.

It is impossible to view a beautiful meadow or seashore without noticing the plastic bags and other debris that have collected there. We must move beyond the “convenience” lifestyle and think about how we are effecting our environment and our precious resources. Think about what happens to the plastic cup you are drinking from or the Styrofoam plate you are eating from after you are done using them. Most likely, they will end up in a landfill, where they will sit for hundreds of years, if not longer. Is this the lasting impression you would like to leave on the world? Or would you rather embrace PLANET-Based Living and make a positive impact on the world, those around you, and within yourself?

When we use items that are reusable, such as a glass or stainless steel water bottle, we are not contributing to the continual clearing of forests and chemical use to make these products. All of the earth’s inhabitants, including humanity, the earth, the sea and the sky will benefit from less chemical assaults. Even though disposable products might seem harmless to use just once, the overall effect of their production and disposal is destructive and disrespectful to the earth and our health. Reducing waste, recycling and the conscious use of reusable products are all compassionate acts towards the earth.

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Living With Harmony’s PLANET-Based Living Sections

PLANET-Based Living can be divided into 3 general areas: Environment, Ethics, and Health. This section of our site reviews each. Environment covers the world we all share, Ethics covers how we treat other living beings, and Health covers how we treat ourselves. By thinking about and choosing positive actions in all three of these areas, we can ensure we make a difference from the global to the local level.