1) Bike or walk whenever possible.

Try to telecommute more for work.

2) Carpool or use public transportation whenever available.

3) Avoid or reduce flying and drive to destinations if possible.

If you drive, don’t idle the car by avoiding drive thrus and by parking in the shade with the windows down if you are in the car.

4) Say no to cruises.

A lone cruise ship emits as many particulates as one million cars! They cause noise pollution and injure or kill whales, sea turtles and other sea life.

5) Stay at an Airbnb, a home swap or a Bed & Breakfast rather than upscale hotels that waste many resources.

Don’t use or take sample-sized toiletries; bring your own! Save your trash and toss it in a highly used trash can elsewhere. The clean trashcan liners in your room will be tossed, even for only a few items. Turn the thermostat off, down or up if you are not in the room.