Read, Reflect, React

Contributions by Randy Johnston – Educational Consultant for Living with Harmony

  • There Will Be Battlefields

    To see the original article, please visit: In a world where lives are simply viewed as expendable, innocent life will be cast aside whenever someone with enough power stands to benefit, whether the lives in question are those of nonhumans, soldiers, civilians, women, children or the elderly. While many face the season of “peace…

  • The Nutritional, Environmental and Ethical Consequences of Consuming Animal Products

    Download the PDF version of this article to view it as it appeared in North Country This Week. Like most of us, I was introduced to Carnism by my parents and unfortunately never really questioned the choice to consume animal products until many years later. As a result, I was Comfortably Unaware (Oppenlander) of the…

  • Bottled Water

    Bottled Water