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Where is the LWH merchandise?

Living With Harmony does not sell merchandise to promote our cause, but we encourage and appreciate the sharing of our social media and website instead. We understand the need to shop from time to time and so have included our link to the Amazon Smile program where we make a small percentage as a donation every time someone shops on Amazon Smile.

To support us via Amazon Smile, simply choose Living With Harmony as your chosen charity before or during your purchase.

We have included some of favorite products below that offer some environmentally-friendlier options through their products and/or their packaging.  We encourage you to find the most sustainable means of enjoying any of these items that you may want or need.  See if you can borrow or barter, find them second-hand, search or request from your local library and where appropriate enjoy them digitally using resources like WikiBooks, Audible, PublicBookShelf, etc.!

Products that LWH recommends due to packaging and improved sustainability. None of these products contain palm oil or animal products. They are also cruelty-free.