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Randy Johnson

Contributions by Randy Johnston – Educational Consultant for Living with Harmony

Randy Johnston taught accounting and business ethics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at five universities. Randy has left business school education to pursue creating awareness of environmental issues as well as animal and human rights issues.

His motivation to pursue this was driven by student feedback regarding topics that were covered in his ethics classes, topics which changed the lives of many students as well as the lives of many of their friends and family members.

He earned a Master of Education degree from St. Lawrence University, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting from Clarkson University, and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. He received teaching awards at the University of Colorado Boulder and The Pennsylvania State University.


Bottled Water

$31,000,000,000 was spent during 2018 in the United States on bottled water. Approximately 1,500 water bottles are consumed per second in the United States. Which approximates 90,000 bottles hourly, or 2,200,000 bottles daily. It is estimated that 80% of the water bottles purchased in the United States end up in landfills. It takes about 1.4 …

A fish in the water.

Do Fish Feel?

Most of us make the choice to have farm animals slaughtered so that we can eat them, I choose to believe that the majority of us think farm animals are sentient beings, intelligent feeling beings, more like us than not. We want to believe their sentience is considered during their brief confined lives and that …


Holiday Dinner Foul Play

It is the time of year that I am unfortunately reminded of two articles. The first is titled There’s a grim reality behind your Thanksgiving turkey (Los Angeles Times Editorial Board) and the second article is titled Torture and Terror: Why Thanksgiving Is Tough For Turkeys (Katie Rucke). Judging from the excessive volume of turkey …