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If you would like to help make the world a better place, we invite you to connect with us. Everyone involved in our organization, from Volunteer to Board Member, brings immense value and purpose to the work we do. This article was written by a Living With Harmony team member with a sincere passion to …

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Is “Sustainable” Palm Sustainable?

Palm oil is one of the most versatile ingredients on Earth. From ice cream to car fuel, and from cosmetics to detergent, palm oil is in nearly in everything, everywhere. 1 2  Because of its versatility—i.e. money-making capability—there is a push for more sustainable practices of producing this vegetable oil. (Let’s not forget, palm oil …

Randy Johnson

Contributions by Randy Johnston – Educational Consultant for Living with Harmony

Randy Johnston taught accounting and business ethics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at five universities. Randy has left business school education to pursue creating awareness of environmental issues as well as animal and human rights issues.

His motivation to pursue this was driven by student feedback regarding topics that were covered in his ethics classes, topics which changed the lives of many students as well as the lives of many of their friends and family members.

He earned a Master of Education degree from St. Lawrence University, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting from Clarkson University, and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. He received teaching awards at the University of Colorado Boulder and The Pennsylvania State University.


PLANET-Based Actions

Is this your trash?

Cut all rings from bottles, bag handles, loops and nets before disposing of in the trash. Taking an extra few seconds to cut up trash will help wildlife and birds from getting tangled in our trash and will help prevent unnecessary suffering.

Duck with a mask around its neck

photo credit: Mary Caporal Prior

Is this your mask?

Scissors cutting plastic rings

Plastic Rings


Zero-Waste/Organic/Fair Trade Coffee

DIY Deodarant

DIY CruCru