• Sunshine


    We started fostering Sunshine when she lost her home during the COVID pandemic. She is now a permanent resident of Living With Harmony. During her time with us, we have been working on regular exercise sessions and physical therapy to help her walk better. She spent too much time in a cage and now arthritis…

  • Kolya


    Kolya was a kitten that was left in the night “deposit” box with his deceased brother at a local animal shelter.  He was going to be euthanized due to possible exposure to an unknown illness, but Andrea, who happened to be a volunteer at the shelter, promptly adopted him.

  • Floyd


    Floyd was rescued after living 10 years in a glass tank in a classroom.  His front toes were all missing and one of his hind legs did not work because of compression caused from years of pine bedding being shoved inside his shell.  Dry, pine shavings are not the correct substrate for most animals, especially…

  • Rosie


    Rosie is a three-toed box turtle who was confiscated from a neglect and hoarding situation.  She was in rough shape, and suffering from a rotting part of her shell, malnutrition and overgrown nails and beak. She went from living in unknown conditions that contributed to her demise, to much more natural enclosures that included sunlight. …

  • Pigeon


    Pigeon was found as a stray, with a broken leg.  He was treated at one of the veterinary clinics where Andrea was working and went to a parrot rescue, where he was later adopted by LWH.  Cockatiels love to fly and he has his own room to fly in.

  • Reggie


    Reggie was rescued from a meat farm by a person who did not know how to care for rabbits.  She was all alone and very timid, staying in her initial crate for weeks, even with the door open. Most rabbits do better with a buddy, so Reggie went to camp to meet some other bunnies…