Living With Harmony_Cozy


Cozy was suffering from a nervous system parasite called E Cuniculi and couldn’t even stand without falling over.  Her family wanted to give her a chance to recover and so Living With Harmony adopted her.

She is a Dwarf breed and may be petite and cute, but they are prone to ear issues and dental issues due to their pushed in faces.  They suffer from these ailments and Cozy is no different.  She needs to have some infected teeth removed once she is feeling better and is cleared for her dental surgery.  After she was properly diagnosed, she started receiving several weeks of medications and nursing care, including a padded and secure “hospital”room and is expected to make a full recovery.

She will have a permanent head tilt, but rabbits adjust well to this handicap. Cozy loves her lap time while she gets her treatments and care. She has been weaned off most of her medications  and has recently moved to a larger area so she can continue to work on her physical rehabilitation.



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