• Kris


    Kris is happy to be Reggie’s new husbun since her best friend, Danny, passed away last September. Kris was rescued from a life living alone in a hutch outside, where he was exposed to all sorts of predators and elements that he couldn’t escape from. He was waiting at the shelter to meet a bunny…

  • Autumn


    Autumn was found just in time by a Living With Harmony volunteer. She was about to step into the street and could have easily been hit by a car or raked up with leaves due to her fall colors and her natural instinct to take cover under them. Far away from home, she is not…

  • Daisy


    Daisy is most likely a wild-caught tortoise that was taken from the wild from the areas near Afghanistan to be sold in a pet store.  She was surrendered to LWH so she would receive a permanent home where her needs could be better met.

  • Fiona


    Fiona and her life partner, Sprout, were both adopted from the vet hospital where they were surrendered to for life-saving surgeries and treatments. Once they met, they became bonded and have been together ever since. Fiona is receiving supportive care after a mass-removal surgery, that thankfully, was a benign growth. Fiona is an older gal…

  • Bear


    Bear was adopted from a rescue that acquired him after he was kept in a kennel for 6 months. His only human contact was when he was fed. Since he was still a puppy during this time, he suffered from anxiety and fear of the world around him. He is working hard on becoming a…

  • Spottie


    Spottie is a very special kitty who broke her back when she was a kitten and became paralyzed in the hind-end. She came to live at LWH when her mom passed away.  Andrea knew Spottie and helped to care for Spottie for several years before she came to live at LWH.  She needs massage and…