Project Child Save

Project Child Save

Using Strength to Protect the Vulnerable

together we can end kidnapping and child slavery

Living With Harmony works with Project Child Save, a non-profit organization dedicated to locating and recovering children kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Our efforts include raising public awareness of these atrocities and educating the community about personal safety and awareness and how to keep children safe.

Living With Harmony collects donations and items of necessity to help support Project Child Save throughout the year. JP helps to fundraise and to spread their important message through special speaking events.

All People Should Be Safe & Secure

We help to educate the community about:

The Threat

Abduction is real. When it does happen, it devastates families and children. We teach the public about how to identify abduction threats in their daily lives.


Safety is step one in the battle against child abduction. We train adults and children on how to stay safe and how to respond to threatening situations.


We teach parents effective and practical means of protecting themselves and their children. This includes self-defense, escape tactics, and how to stun an attacker.


Living With Harmony frequently helps to facilitate the collection of funds, snacks, clothing, and toys to help Project Child Save rescue children, their families, and the international rescue teams.

Hundreds of Children Are Abducted Each Year in the United States.

Please Contact Project Child Save To Help

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