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Our Ongoing Search for a Home and Work at Kindness Ranch in Wyoming

Still Looking For A New Home

Hi everyone and thank you for staying tuned as we continue our search for property to start our sanctuary. We’ve been looking at several properties in different parts of Colorado.

As we blogged earlier this year, while we don’t have a place to call home yet, we’ve all been busy volunteering at other nearby sanctuaries, such as Luvin Arms and with other projects.

John Pierre continues to do lectures and seminars across the country, with his most recent one being at the Health, Healing and Happiness Expo in Las Vegas and Andrea works as a vet tech and cares for her current crew of special-needs rescued animals and helps others take care of their animals.

Denise’s New Internship At Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary


Denise is in the midst of her next internship, at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Kindness Ranch is a 1000 acre ranch nestled among the rolling hills of Hartville, Wyoming and is the only sanctuary in the US that takes in all kinds of research animals including dogs, cats, horses, pigs and sheep. Since it was founded in 2006, Kindness Ranch has provided sanctuary to over 350 animals.

Here Denise is gaining experience working with dogs and cats, all of which come from research labs, so most have never spent time in a home environment.

Before adopting them out, they teach them the basics such as house training, crate training, walking on a leash, socializing with people and other animals, and getting used to the normal sights and sounds of a home.

As soon as staff decides they are ready, the dogs and cats are put up for adoption.

Unique Adoptions for Unique Animals

Kindness Ranch has a unique set up and approach for finding prospective adopters. Their location is remote, so it’s a little more challenging to meet the animals than if you went to your local shelter.

However, at a shelter you do not have the ability to meet with and spend a weekend, or longer, getting to know the animals, and finding the perfect companion for you and your family.

Plus they encourage you to bring your pet(s) so they can all meet, which makes it a much easier transition for everyone.

The Kindness Ranch Welcomes Guests


There are four fully furnished guest cabins, or yurts as they call them, on site for you to stay in, whether you come to adopt , or to volunteer.

There is always the option of taking a dog you’re interested in adopting back to your yurt for the night, and just spending the day with them.

What could be better than that!

Wildlife and Beauty Abounds

Kindness Ranch is situated on 1,000 acres where wildlife is abundant.

Deer, antelope, rabbits and turkeys come close to my yurt every morning and evening.  There are also coyotes and birds which Denise had not seen before, because they are not native to Ohio where she comes from.

In addition to spending time with the animals and volunteering, you can also do some hiking and bird watching at Kindness Ranch.


Most of the staff lives on site to provide the animals with the best possible care.

The dogs inhabit 2 yurts with one staff member in each, helping to give them more of a home setting as opposed to a shelter.

The cats also have their own yurt with a large screened in area around the entire perimeter of the building, so they can be inside or out whenever they want, without the worry of predatory animals getting to them. They have thought of everything!


Learn More About Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Denise is thoroughly enjoying her time here, and she will be disappointed when it ends.

We encourage you to visit, volunteer and donate to Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And of course we encourage you to adopt a pet from them.

The Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary
854 State Highway 270
Hartville, Wyoming 82215
(307) 735-4177

Until next time,
Denise, Andrea and John Pierre

Andrea RoseInterim BoardmemberAnimal Care Manager

My name is Andrea Rose and I love animals and the planet. I have felt a connection to animals and nature for as long as I can remember. By spending time with animals, I’ve seen they have emotions, are self-aware and truly value their own lives. Because of this, I believe we have an obligation to respect, protect and care for them.

That connection has turned into my life’s mission of working tirelessly to help animals in need. I currently work as a veterinary technician where I provide care for animals at work and I care for many animals in our microsanctuary.

Because of my deep reverence for animals, I decided to help start Living With Harmony with John Pierre. In my work at the sanctuary, I help our residents, many of them with behavioral or special needs and that have been injured, abandoned or neglected, so they can live out their lives in peace and with joy and comfort. We all strive for a fulfilling life full of happiness and it’s my honor to provide this same opportunity to animals in need. In my work at the sanctuary, I also try to provide education and resources about companion animals and classroom pets and the issues they face.

In addition to working and caring for animals at the sanctuary, I use my passion and experience as an environmental educator to bring awareness to the benefits of sustainable and greener living. At Living with Harmony, we hope to also inspire people to create a positive change in their lives through their experience and connection to the community that we are trying to create.

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