Living With Harmony, a true commitment

Running A Successful Animal Sanctuary Is So Much More Than A Simple Desire To Do Good Work

Our founder John Pierre says, “Think Good Thoughts, Do Good Deeds.”

This phrase resonates with our dream of running a sanctuary and education center, but it’s not an easy undertaking and requires hard work, day in and day out in any and all conditions.

Giving Animals The Life They’re Entitled To

One reason why Living With Harmony is drawn to the deed of providing a lifelong sanctuary for animals is because it gives them an opportunity to live a life that they are entitled to, but for one reason or another is questionable.

Shelters Are Crowded And Not A Permanent Solution

Many of them do not work with animals, other than dogs or cats, so that leaves a whole array of rodents, rabbits, reptiles, birds and farm animals that have little or no options. These animals come to sanctuaries from the meat or dairy industries, as discarded or unwanted pets, ex-classroom or 4H projects, or as animals that were born with no place to call home.

Why Animals Sometimes Lose Their Home

Many of them have no more use due to a lack of production (as in breeding, milk or eggs), no more use (horses that are no longer sound and/or cannot be ridden) or to age, health,  or behavioral issues.  Sometimes, an animal just gets in the way and is considered a nuisance or a financial strain. Some animals lose their novelty with the children and get stuck in a basement or garage somewhere, lucky to have some attention from a parent.

Helping Animals Find Their Place In The World

Whatever the reason for needing a permanent refuge and home, Living With Harmony is there to provide a chance for these animals to live out their lives in peace and to help educate others about their species and their place in this world.

Running A Sanctuary is A True Commitment

That being said, running a sanctuary is a true commitment.  An unsettling number of sanctuaries struggle or fail not because of a lack of passion, but from the sometimes overwhelming commitment, finances and details associated with the management of such a huge undertaking.

Personal sacrifices, relationships, optimal health, free time and finances all come into play in order to fulfill the dream at hand.  We are aware of the challenges and have been preparing for this dream for almost a decade.

Wildlife And Nature Are Also Part Of Our Sanctuary And Preserving Them Is Also Part Of Our Commitment

One of the principles of Living With Harmony is to be able to live with nature and wildlife, rather than be separate from it. We need to absolutely understand the environmental impact that we have on our land, and how to coexist harmoniously with the needs of not only the wildlife that live there, but also for those animals that we care for.  We need to preserve nature and the land on which they live and depend on.

We are committed to our vision of the future, and do our best to surround ourselves with knowledgeable and equally committed staff and advisers. The community and our volunteers will be a big part of Living With Harmony and we hope they will be inspired by their experience and that we can learn from each other.

Another thing JP says holds true here,Good, Better, Best.”  We will always seek the best way to do things.  The animals and the earth deserve that.

We are committed to you; our friends and donors, for the tremendous love
and support that you provide us with.  We honestly cannot do this without

We are especially committed to our animals, who are the living ambassadors of their individual species.  We will continue to share their stories as they live out their natural lifetimes, so that you may better understand the value of your commitment to them.

We know that there will be bumps in the road to go along with the many successes.   Thank you for your interest and your support to help make this dream possible.  If you haven’t already, please don’t forget to check out our current challenge matching grant.

We have until 5/31/16 to raise $25,000 and then that amount will be doubled!!  That will be $50,000 towards our property fund!

John, Andrea and Denise

Andrea RoseInterim BoardmemberAnimal Care Manager

My name is Andrea Rose and I love animals and the planet. I have felt a connection to animals and nature for as long as I can remember. By spending time with animals, I’ve seen they have emotions, are self-aware and truly value their own lives. Because of this, I believe we have an obligation to respect, protect and care for them.

That connection has turned into my life’s mission of working tirelessly to help animals in need. I currently work as a veterinary technician where I provide care for animals at work and I care for many animals in our microsanctuary.

Because of my deep reverence for animals, I decided to help start Living With Harmony with John Pierre. In my work at the sanctuary, I help our residents, many of them with behavioral or special needs and that have been injured, abandoned or neglected, so they can live out their lives in peace and with joy and comfort. We all strive for a fulfilling life full of happiness and it’s my honor to provide this same opportunity to animals in need. In my work at the sanctuary, I also try to provide education and resources about companion animals and classroom pets and the issues they face.

In addition to working and caring for animals at the sanctuary, I use my passion and experience as an environmental educator to bring awareness to the benefits of sustainable and greener living. At Living with Harmony, we hope to also inspire people to create a positive change in their lives through their experience and connection to the community that we are trying to create.

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