Fall Rests but John Pierre Doesn’t

Fall may be coming to rest for another year, but John Pierre, founder of Living With Harmony, never rests as long as there’s compassion to be spread and health tips to be heard! This summer and fall he’s been busy traveling across the US lecturing and teaching at several conferences and events.

Chef AJ and John Pierre Record Updated ‘Ultimate Weight Loss’ DVDs

In Los Angeles, California in mid-August, John Pierre work with weight loss guru, Chef AJ to record new episodes for their Ultimate Weight Loss Program with Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lisle from the TrueNorth Health Center.  This event, recorded in front of a live audience, was SOLD OUT!

John Pierre and Chef AJ recording new episodes of the Ultimate Weight Loss DVDs on August 13-14th in Los Angeles, California
John Pierre and Chef AJ recording new episodes of the Ultimate Weight Loss DVDs on August 13-14th in Los Angeles, California

In these DVDs, Chef AJ and John Pierre teach effective and easy tips for ultimate weight loss without the need of any pills or surgery.  The best part of their program is YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!
So how does that work?  It’s all about calorie density and it’s very simple to understand.  Here’s a link to Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss Program if you’re interested in more details or want to join!

Fundraising for Living with Harmony continues

Immediately following the recording in LA, John Pierre flew to Chicago to speak about his book The Pillars of Health.  On August 16th, he educated another sold-out crowd on the four pillars of genuine and everlasting health:  whole food nourishment, mind stimulation, creative and fun physical activity suitable for any lifestyle and most importantly, the pillar of compassion, love and peace.

The event was also a fundraiser for Living with Harmony.  Beyond educating the crowd on the four vital pillars of health, John Pierre updated the crowd what we have been working on, our search for a property and our fundraising efforts.

John Pierre back in sunny, California for SoCal Vegfest!

SoCal Vegfest is a free festival introducing the benefits of healthy, conscious living to Southern California! It took place in Costa Mesa, CA on October 29th and 30th, 2016.
John Pierre spoke at this conference about his book, The Pillars of Health and was part of an vegan athlete fitness panel moderated by Laura Oatman and featuring Will Tucker, Seba Johnson, Matt Ruscigno and Kuntal Joisher.  At this event John Pierre also spent time at our booth to help spread the news about what we are working on.

John Pierre and participants from the Vegan Athlete/Fitness Panel at SoCal Vegfest

Helping People at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver

John Pierre and Living With Harmony were at the Self-Reliance Expo in Denver, CO on November 4th and 5th, 2016.  At this event we gave out many delicious food and supplement samples at our booth.   John Pierre also taught several classes on the benefits of plant-based eating, exercise and the importance of living a compassionate life.

Wrapping up November at the Remedy Food Project Conference in Atlanta, GA

John Pierre again joined with Chef AJ for lectures and fitness boot camps at the Remedy Food Project conference in Atlanta from November 11-13, 2016.
The Remedy Food Project is part of the Alliance to Repair the American Diet, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps people struggling to gain control of their health. At this great event, we talked with many people at our booth at spread the news about Living With Harmony.

John Pierre and Chef AJ teaching a cooking class at Remedy Food Project
Panel discussion including John Pierre at Remedy Food Project
John Pierre of Living With Harmony teaching a fitness boot camp at Remedy Food Conference in Atlanta
John Pierre of Living With Harmony teaching a fitness boot camp at Remedy Food Conference in Atlanta

New Living With Harmony Video Blogs Coming Soon!

Check out our new video back drop!  We’re working on new NEW video blogs from JP and others at Living with Harmony.  We can now film these blogs anywhere.

Living With Harmony’s new video blog back drop

Our ongoing search for a new home!

We travel all over in our search for a new home for our sanctuary.  John Pierre was in Durango, CO from August 27th – 30th checking out some properties.  We have also seen a few close to ideal properties around the metro-Denver area.  We need everyone’s help to find a property and to find people who can help support the future sanctuary. If you know of a property or people who can help, please let us know.  If you can help us financially please visit our donation page.

Thanks for visiting our website and supporting our work.

We’re sending peace and love to you all!

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