Day 1 Update – 5 Half Marathons – 5 States – 5 Days – 4 Living With Harmony!

Hello All – Day 1 Was A Success!

The first half marathon of the Independence Series is in the books. It was one of my slower races (3:35:39) but it was one heck of a fun experience.

The half marathon consisted of 8 out and back loops at Lums Pond State Park in Bear, DE. The turn around was marked by a black cone and each lap was tracked by picking up a rubber band.

Moving and Making New Friends Along The Way

Being a walker I started at the back of the pack as usual where I met a woman who was doing her first marathon. She is making changes in her lifestyle so that she can live a longer life than her mother who passed away at 59. I spoke with others who were moving for other health reasons or just for the fun and challenge.

The multi-loop course permitted encouragement of other participants. You were constantly getting passed, passing or seeing others going in the opposite direction. There was one massive aid station for drinks and food.

Friends were made this morning and the friendships will grow as we move from state to state.

Tonight I get to stay in the same hotel since the first two races are so close. Starting tomorrow I will be driving after every race so updates will come later in the day.

Enjoy the pictures


As you can see from my attire, I love to be ridiculous.


Today’s water station saying is ‘Madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring.’


Talk to you tomorrow!

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