New Resolutions Can Happen Anytime

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Just Have to be thought of in January. Every day is a great day to better yourself and work towards your goals. In fact, making an effort to better yourself year round will help you reach your goals better than if you just start at the beginning of the New Year. …


When Grocery Stores are an Amenity

Have you ever considered having a grocery store nearby a luxury? Across the country approximately 23.5 million people live in food deserts, explained as “low-income census tract that is more than one mile away from a grocery store in urban areas, or more than 10 miles away from a grocery store in rural areas” (U.S. …

LWH co-founder, JP, facing front; wearing a black t-shirt that reads KALE and cradling the earth on his left shoulder

“PLANET-Based” Eating – Putting the Planet Behind What We Eat

If you’re living in the 21st century, or are health conscious, you most likely have heard of the term “plant-based”eating. This diet is centered around eating a combination of plants, nuts, seeds and grains to gain a completely balanced nutritional palette. While plant-based eating offers a healthy and more compassionate solution for those who choose …


Meet Living With Harmony’s Co-founder, JP

Introducing our Co-founder JP, or John Pierre, is the co-founder of LWH, along with Andrea Rose. He travels extensively around the country lecturing about the concept of Ahimsa, the powers of  plant-based eating, health and fitness and other humanitarian efforts. For those of you in our community who don’t know him and haven’t had the …


Winter Work with Living With Harmony

Living With Harmony continues to speak and work locally and nationally to further our mission to heal and transform the lives of people and animals.

We have had a very busy Winter and are happy that Spring has sprung.

JP’s Work in South Florida

In February, John Pierre traveled to Florida Atlantic University to teach about the benefits of plant based eating. While in Florida, John also spoke about plant based eating and sports nutrition at Progressive Self-Defense Systems.