When Grocery Stores are an Amenity

Have you ever considered having a grocery store nearby a luxury? Across the country approximately 23.5 million people live in food deserts, explained as “low-income census tract that is more than one mile away from a grocery store in urban areas, or more than 10 miles away from a grocery store in rural areas” (U.S. …

LWH co-founder, JP, facing front; wearing a black t-shirt that reads KALE and cradling the earth on his left shoulder

“PLANET-Based” Eating – Putting the Planet Behind What We Eat

If you’re living in the 21st century, or are health conscious, you most likely have heard of the term “plant-based”eating. This diet is centered around eating a combination of plants, nuts, seeds and grains to gain a completely balanced nutritional palette. While plant-based eating offers a healthy and more compassionate solution for those who choose …