An Absolutely Awesome Summer of 2016

Our founder John Pierre (JP) and the team at Living With Harmony have had quite a busy and exciting summer!

Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA

At the beginning of July, JP celebrated his 21st year of participation at the Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA while the festival itself celebrated its 42nd year.

VegHome_msthdVegetarian Summerfest is the annual conference of the North American Vegetarian Society. It’s a gathering of over 700 people of all sorts:  physicians, fitness experts, chefs, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, biologists, dancers, families, musicians –  but they all have one thing in common:  they are all happy, compassionate people advocating for a cruelty-free and kind world!

John Pierre and his assistant, Marina, always bring a bright and positive attitude to their participation in VegFest events with JP’s conference presentations and talking with people at the Living with Harmony booth.

Educational Outreach at Vegetarian Summerfest 2016

To help you build a strong foundation of movement and health, at our booth, we demonstrated exercise and food preparation equipment including exercise bands, instant pots, water bottles, blenders, including water filter jugs from Clearly Filtered.

To help you build a strong foundation of nutrition, we sampled many food items, such as camper and travel-friendly meals from Backpacker’s Pantry.

Some of our favorite Backpacker’s Pantry instant meal flavors are Chana Masala, Pad Thai. and Louisiana Red Beans and Rice! I kid you not, these instant meals taste just as good as meals we spend 2+ hrs cooking at home!

Miyoko, Marina and JP
JP and his Assistant Marina with Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Kitchen

We also sampled mouth watering artisan vegan cheeses from Miyoko’s Kitchen. We’ve found that artisan vegan cheeses can help people who say “I’d go vegan, but I just can’t give up cheese.”

At our booth we also educated people about healthy, nutritious and animal friendly products from Beet Boost, Vega, and So Delicious Dairy Free.

Educational Outreach at VegFest Colorado 2016

vegfestcoloradoJP and Marina continue their exciting educational outreach at all VegFests they attend, with the most recent event being at VegFest Colorado 2016.

VegFest Colorado is an annual health & environmental fair coordinated, planned and managed by Animal Action Network. This event is was held near Denver in Golden, CO on July 2324, 2016.

Educational Outreach to Women About Their Safety!

JP does the difficult, but important outreach to women about their safety.  Having spent over 30 years of his life working with battered women and children, JP has gone beyond the scope of being a helping hand in a time of sorrow and pain.

strong-savvy-safe-empowering-tools-for-self-protection-john-pierre-paperback-cover-artJP decided to use his knowledge of mental and physical abuse and teach women how to identify it, avoid it if possible, and defend themselves, as well as their children, against it.

That is why JP wrote and published his newest book, Strong, Savvy, Safe:  Empowering Tools for Self Protection and Vibrant Healthy with co-author Marina Alexander.

In this book, JP and Marina discuss how the fitness and nutrition industries can make women believe they need to look a certain way.

These impossible standards grow into reality and JP works hard each day to turn that ‘reality’ back into falsehood.  JP and Marina also discuss car and home safety, and protecting your child from dangerous predators and pedophiles. They have seen the pain and learned the best defenses against it.

Through this new book and lectures throughout the country, JP and Marina share JP’s wisdom on this topic. They have taught 2 seminars so far this summer and JP plans to teach a four-week boot-camp for women in the fall for local Colorado residents.  This popular and sought after boot-camp will also be a fundraiser for Living With Harmony.

Our Search for a New Home Continues This Summer

JP and his team recently toured a beautiful, 25-acre property that catalyzed their excitement.  The property looks and feels like a sanctuary designed to heal!

It starts with a soft yellow, 2 story home.  This gorgeous and newly remodeled house would be a future home to a magical retreat!  People would plan a few days to stay at the sanctuary, love the animals and learn new activities, such as gardening, how to compost (and what compost is) and how to better care for themselves.

This Northern Colorado Property Is A Perfect Example Of A Sanctuary

They would eat delicious food, learn about the power of plants and enjoy spending time with the animals and taking part in gentle exercise.  I’m not sure about you, but that sounds a lot like my version of heaven! But the house is only the beginning.

The property has numerous horse stalls, a home for pigs, a place for the chickens and fields and fields of greens on which they may nibble and nibble, jump for joy and spread their wings at the celebration of freedom!

Did I mention the beautiful 8 plot raised garden near the house?  While this is all still a fantasy, JP and his team have been working hard to find a location and I have no doubt, we will find Zen, wonderful food and animals in need of care no matter where they finally settle!

Check back soon for more updates! We continue to work diligently to raise funds so this dream can become a reality.

If you can help us with donations or if you know of a property please let us know.

Until next time,

LWH Founder JP sitting with assistant Mariam showing namaste hands
JP and the team at Living With Harmony!

Andrea RoseInterim BoardmemberAnimal Care Manager

My name is Andrea Rose and I love animals and the planet. I have felt a connection to animals and nature for as long as I can remember. By spending time with animals, I’ve seen they have emotions, are self-aware and truly value their own lives. Because of this, I believe we have an obligation to respect, protect and care for them.

That connection has turned into my life’s mission of working tirelessly to help animals in need. I currently work as a veterinary technician where I provide care for animals at work and I care for many animals in our microsanctuary.

Because of my deep reverence for animals, I decided to help start Living With Harmony with John Pierre. In my work at the sanctuary, I help our residents, many of them with behavioral or special needs and that have been injured, abandoned or neglected, so they can live out their lives in peace and with joy and comfort. We all strive for a fulfilling life full of happiness and it’s my honor to provide this same opportunity to animals in need. In my work at the sanctuary, I also try to provide education and resources about companion animals and classroom pets and the issues they face.

In addition to working and caring for animals at the sanctuary, I use my passion and experience as an environmental educator to bring awareness to the benefits of sustainable and greener living. At Living with Harmony, we hope to also inspire people to create a positive change in their lives through their experience and connection to the community that we are trying to create.

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