5 Half Marathons in 5 States in 5 Days for Living With Harmony!

Beth Antenucci is the sister of Living With Harmony farm manager Denise. Both Beth and Denise started walking 14 years ago.

Beth and The Pillars of Health

Several years ago Denise introduced Beth to John Pierre and his message explained in his book The Pillars of Health – Your Foundations for Lifelong Wellness. Since then Beth has been working towards growing all four pillars of health.  She has seen positive results with every change that is made.

In this book, John Pierre explains you you can build a strong foundation that supports you using the 4 pillars of health.  They are better nutrition, fitness, mental acuity and compassion.

The third pillar of health is fitness and motion.  As little a 100 years ago our current sedentary lifestyle was unheard of.  We have become a nation of sedentary multi-tasking experts.

Why We Need Motion

A healthy body is supple, strong and agile with balance and good cognitive function well into later years.  It’s up to us to provide essential physical movement to stimulate our immune and respiratory systems to build proper bone density.

Motion helps release endorphins, the substances that reduce pain and promote feelings of euphoria.  Vigorous movement causes a rise in temperature, which can hep inhibit bacterial and viral growth in the body. Increased respiration helps clear out lungs of germs, delivering more oxygen to lung tissue.

Being Fortunate Enough to Care For Animals

For the past 22 years, Beth has been very fortunate to live on a farm and have the resources to care for all of the horses, dogs and cats who have lived there. Beth realizes that not everyone has those resources.

Beth is a Strong Supporter of Living With Harmony

To show her support for Living With Harmony and John Pierre’s work, this summer Beth will be raising funds us as she undertakes a challenge larger than herself. May 4th through 8th Beth will be completing the Mainly Marathons Independence Series at the half marathon distance.

Running 5 Half Marathons in 5 States in 5 Days!

Beth is running the Independence Series which entails completing five half marathons in five states in five days. That is 65.5 miles of walking and 253 miles of driving in 5 days. The states are Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. 

mainly-marathons-independence-maBeth is paying all of her own expenses for this tremendous challenge, but she asks that you please support Living With Harmony along with her.

You can donate for the number of races she is running or the number of states she is running in, number of miles walked or the number of miles driven.



Beth will email us updates during the series.  Please check back for more details.

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